Friday, July 24, 2009

ANA 2009

Last weekend was the ANA reunion. What is ANA you ask? Well my side of the family has so many reunions that it was getting confusing when we were talking about reunions. You never knew which one we were talking about. So Jord just mentioned the ANA reunion last year and it stuck. ANA is Ardery Nyle Andrews. Jord and I were in charge of it this year. We went up to one of Jordan's favorite camping places. It is near Kelly Canyon near Ririe. Actually Jake and Heather went up early to scope out a new place. It was a really nice place. Thanks guys! It had a little creek that we could keep coolers in and keep cold. It also opened up down stream to a little pond that the kids loved playing in. Jake and Andy brought some four-wheelers to play on. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance. Kids and all you know. We didn't get as many games in this year as we previously have. That is one of my favorite things about camping is just sitting around with my siblings and playing games. We have decided we are in a new era in our camping life. No longer can we have our fun. We have to have kid fun. So for the next 10 years or so we will just have to make camping fun for the kids and enjoy it with them. Which shouldn't be hard. Cuz isn't camping in general just fun!