Friday, July 24, 2009

Catching Up With the Blog

I figured I was better get working on my blog or I might have a year's worth to do before I knew it. We took Ayla to the park the other day to get some pics of her. We haven't edited them at all, but here they are. We took some of Lily as well. Don't mind the messy hair. If anything, this would be a true pic of Ayla. I have such a hard time getting her hair done most days and then it just ends up being a mess after her nap anyway.

So Lily took a bottle when I needed her to for the first three months of her life. Then all of a sudden she wouldn't take one. It has been very hard. Anytime I had to leave for an extended time I always worried that she was going to be a bear for Jord. So obviously I didn't leave for very long at all. Three hours was the absolute max. Then all of a sudden five months later she decides she will start taking one again. Although, only if it has juice in it. It was funny to watch her try and drink out of a bottle again. It was like she had no idea how to suck on it. I caugher her holding her bottle so funny today and went to grab the camera. When i went to take it she dropped the bottle and just smiled at me like she knew she was getting a pic taken of her. I tried to get her to hold it the way she had it, but she went back to holding it normal.

ANA 2009

Last weekend was the ANA reunion. What is ANA you ask? Well my side of the family has so many reunions that it was getting confusing when we were talking about reunions. You never knew which one we were talking about. So Jord just mentioned the ANA reunion last year and it stuck. ANA is Ardery Nyle Andrews. Jord and I were in charge of it this year. We went up to one of Jordan's favorite camping places. It is near Kelly Canyon near Ririe. Actually Jake and Heather went up early to scope out a new place. It was a really nice place. Thanks guys! It had a little creek that we could keep coolers in and keep cold. It also opened up down stream to a little pond that the kids loved playing in. Jake and Andy brought some four-wheelers to play on. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance. Kids and all you know. We didn't get as many games in this year as we previously have. That is one of my favorite things about camping is just sitting around with my siblings and playing games. We have decided we are in a new era in our camping life. No longer can we have our fun. We have to have kid fun. So for the next 10 years or so we will just have to make camping fun for the kids and enjoy it with them. Which shouldn't be hard. Cuz isn't camping in general just fun!


My mom-in-law watches my bro-in-law's kids every Tuesday. She has been trying to do something fun with them every week this summer. Last week we went up to Logan area and went to Western Heritage Park or something to that effect. They got to ride little ponies there. Ayla has been dying to get on a horse. She was so excited to ride the little pony. They also go to throw some little axes or something at logs for a game. It was just a little bit scary to have little kids throwing axes if you "axe" me. (Sorry I had to do it. That was totally for my husband.) There was a lot more to do, but with six kids (three 3 and under) it was getting too hot and time for lunch. We just couldn't make it. So we went and grabbed some lunch and took it to the park. They have a little zoo there as well. So we went and visited the animals after we ate and played on toys.
This week we were supposed to go to this place in Kaysville that has a little train, but for some crazy reason they are only open 8 times a year. So without any strollers for the two youngest kids, we decided we would go to Antelope Island. We were going to go to the beach and let the kids play a little bit, but when we got there we realized the water had receded so much that the walk was going to be a little farther than we wanted to take with the kids. So we went to the visitor center and looked at things there. Until my 3-year-old had a melt down. I have to admit, my girls and I didn't sleep very well the night before. I got woke up by one or the other child every hour except 6 o'clock. So my kids were cranky. In the end we left after a tantrum on the floor and one of her famous ear-piercing screams. I really do enjoy getting out with the kids and letting them hang out with their cousins too. I just hope it gets easier sometime.

July 4th

This year Jordan had a show in Southern Utah on the 4th so I took the girls and went to Idaho for the weekend. It was so fun. We went to the parade with Heather and mom. We were at the beginning which worked good for us because of the three small kids. We didn't have to sit very long and wait for the parade. It was great! Afterwards we met dad and Merm for a picnic. We had decided to do hot dogs to make it easy. Merm brought his cooking stove. When he got there he asked if we had any way to cook them. Mom and I completely forgot about that. So we told him we had some sticks from the flags at the parade that we would make do. Then he asked if we had matches or anything to start a fire. Uh, nope! Just a little brain dead. Luckily dad was off for lunch break at work and he bought some lighters and brought them over. Later that light we went over to Andy and Nellie's house for the fireworks. I always enjoy watching Idaho Falls 4th of July fireworks. They are totally awesome. It was a great weekend with my family. Thanks guys!