Friday, July 24, 2009


My mom-in-law watches my bro-in-law's kids every Tuesday. She has been trying to do something fun with them every week this summer. Last week we went up to Logan area and went to Western Heritage Park or something to that effect. They got to ride little ponies there. Ayla has been dying to get on a horse. She was so excited to ride the little pony. They also go to throw some little axes or something at logs for a game. It was just a little bit scary to have little kids throwing axes if you "axe" me. (Sorry I had to do it. That was totally for my husband.) There was a lot more to do, but with six kids (three 3 and under) it was getting too hot and time for lunch. We just couldn't make it. So we went and grabbed some lunch and took it to the park. They have a little zoo there as well. So we went and visited the animals after we ate and played on toys.
This week we were supposed to go to this place in Kaysville that has a little train, but for some crazy reason they are only open 8 times a year. So without any strollers for the two youngest kids, we decided we would go to Antelope Island. We were going to go to the beach and let the kids play a little bit, but when we got there we realized the water had receded so much that the walk was going to be a little farther than we wanted to take with the kids. So we went to the visitor center and looked at things there. Until my 3-year-old had a melt down. I have to admit, my girls and I didn't sleep very well the night before. I got woke up by one or the other child every hour except 6 o'clock. So my kids were cranky. In the end we left after a tantrum on the floor and one of her famous ear-piercing screams. I really do enjoy getting out with the kids and letting them hang out with their cousins too. I just hope it gets easier sometime.