Friday, September 18, 2009

Time on the road is tough

So I've been on the road for about 9 days with about 9 days to go. I'm missing Jenn and the girls really bad. I love playing music for a living, but it is a really, really hard thing to be away from my sweet girls. I come to this blog each day to see their cute faces. Jenn sends me picture txt's as well so I can keep up. But nothing is the same as being with the people you love.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Keeley Jo

Keeley came into town yesterday. She called when they were leaving the airport. She hadn't met Lily yet and could not wait until Thursday to see them. I wish I could say it was me she couldn't wait to see, but I understand. Once you have kids you are always the last to get a hi and a hug. Can't wait to hang out with you on Thursday Keeley Jo!

Crazy Sleeper

I, probably like most parents, check on my kids before I go to bed every night. A couple of nights ago I went to check on them and this is how I found Lily. Talk about uncomfortable. I have the most wiggly sleepers.

My Silly Girl

Ayla is getting excited to start school this week. Yesterday she had found her backpack that we bought a couple of weeks ago. She noticed that I had put her crayons and markers in there for school. Then she noticed that I had written her name on her backpack. She thought that was so cool. She then went on to say that I needed to get a backpack so I could go to school. I told her that I didn't really want to go to school and that she could go instead. She said, "Mommy, no! You need to get a backpack and write Olsen on it and go to school." She cracks me up. Gotta love 3-year-olds.