Friday, July 24, 2009

Catching Up With the Blog

I figured I was better get working on my blog or I might have a year's worth to do before I knew it. We took Ayla to the park the other day to get some pics of her. We haven't edited them at all, but here they are. We took some of Lily as well. Don't mind the messy hair. If anything, this would be a true pic of Ayla. I have such a hard time getting her hair done most days and then it just ends up being a mess after her nap anyway.

So Lily took a bottle when I needed her to for the first three months of her life. Then all of a sudden she wouldn't take one. It has been very hard. Anytime I had to leave for an extended time I always worried that she was going to be a bear for Jord. So obviously I didn't leave for very long at all. Three hours was the absolute max. Then all of a sudden five months later she decides she will start taking one again. Although, only if it has juice in it. It was funny to watch her try and drink out of a bottle again. It was like she had no idea how to suck on it. I caugher her holding her bottle so funny today and went to grab the camera. When i went to take it she dropped the bottle and just smiled at me like she knew she was getting a pic taken of her. I tried to get her to hold it the way she had it, but she went back to holding it normal.


Jordan Olsen said...

::: heart breaking :::

Jenn, you're making me miss my kids so much! They're so darn cute. See you all in a few days.

Laura said...

Kierra never did drink a bottle. She was a very stubborn baby. So I nursed her (every 2 hours) until she took a sippy cup at 8 months. It got pretty annoying. Luckily, Tyler took a bottle at 4 months when I needed him to. Sounds like your past the hard part :) Babies can be SO different. Your baby looks like you! (cute)