Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Potty Training.

So I finally decided to start potty training Ayla. It all started when she saw a Chevron commercial with a pink car talking. She said she wanted a pink car and I told her we would get one the next day if she went potty in the toilet. The next day she went potty and so we went and luckily found a pink polly pocket car. She loves cars so we went and bought some Hot wheels to hopefully bribe her into going to the bathroom. So far it is working. She even pooped the other day. She is so cute when she goes. She jumps up with her hands in the air and yells "I did it!" I have noticed if i put a pull-up on her she will undoubtedly pee in them. So when we are home i have been letting her go naked and she holds it in until i put her on the toilet. She is doing way awesome. So today we are out of cars and while we are at the store i think i am going to get some underwear for her and see if she adjusts to them easily. I suspect she will probably have accidents, but am hoping that it won't take long for her to realize they aren't the same as diapers and being wet isn't really all that fun. Wish me good luck. Here is a pic of her cars so far. She loves to drive them everywhere. She has them parked on her bed in this pic.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Andrews-Ross Reunion

This past weekend we had the Andrews-Ross reunion. It was pretty fun. Would have liked to have seen more of my siblings though. Ayla and I got there on Friday about 4:15 and the others didn't show up until late that night. So we spent most of that day hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma Andrews. This is the first time Ayla has really spent any time with them. It didn't take her long to get her Great Grandpa Andrews to go and do whatever she wanted. At one point I called mom and told her they better hurry or dad would be replaced by his own father. On Saturday we had fun playing cards with Kent, Lynnette, Nellie, the grandparents, mom, and dad. Ayla spent an hour or so on some slip-n-slides that they had there for the kids to play on. She looked so funny with her diaper that i had to post the pics. HOpefully they come through okay because it was pretty bright outside. She went in the water before i got her a swimming diaper on her and as you can imagine she was completely logged down with water. She played so hard that she ended up going into the tent by herself and taking a nap. I may be a little partial, but i think i have the cutest little girl. Andy spent most of the time trying to rebrainwash Ayla by getting her to say that he was the best. Don't worry Keeley, she still says you are the best. Andy is now the best uncle. Overall it was a great time, just hanging out with family and relaxing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just a few pics I have been meaning to send.

So here is an update of my life. Yes it is all about Ayla. She seems like the only thing I really take care of these days. Not that I am complaining. I wouldn't want it any other way. So we had our ultrasound last week and we are having a girl. Jordan's face completely lit up when he found out. He is so excited to have another little girl. They are pretty fun I have to admit. From the ultrasound pic, this baby looks a lot different than Ayla. I am sure she will be a cutie though. Ayla has been pretty excited about her little sis. Today she got to feel her kick. She had to lift up my shirt to make sure it was really the baby and I wasn't tricking her. She has been taking care of her babies a lot these days too. She has to put them up to the table and "feed" them. She even puts them to bed and tells me "shh". Anyway, here is a picture of Smooch and three of her four babies. Every once in awhile she forgets where she puts one and we have to hunt it down.

Ayla has been giving me fits when it comes to sleeping. For the past few nights I haven't been able to get her to sleep until 11:00 or later. I usually check on her when she sleeps. It is kind of a guily pleasure. She sleeps so deep that I can totally love on her and she doesn't even wake up. Well I went to check on her during her nap the other day and this is how I found her. At least she kept her diaper on.

So Ayla has been afraid of laying down in the tub on her back. She has been taking baths with her friend Taylor and all of a sudden got over her fear. Her favorite thing to do in the bath is lie on her back and talk really loud because she can't hear as well with her ears under the water. She has also started to tell me which towel she wants. Tonight she wanted her bunny towel. So I got that and then she was asking for my hair towel. She looked so cute I had to take a picture. What a cutie.

I had taken this picture of Ayla awhile back and couldn't believe how much she looked like Tymber. You can definitely tell they are family. I have had people say that our family gene pool is small and now I see why.