Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too much trust?

So Ayla got this prize at her friend's Halloween party last week. She found it today and so I decided to let her open it up. It was a disney princess stamp pad with some stamps. I wasn't really sure if I should let her play with it, but I figured she could do it once and then I would throw it away. I showed her how to use it and then walked away. I came back to find that she had taken the ink pad and stamped it all over her hands. I guess it is a good thing Halloween is tomorrow. I can just say it is part of the costume maybe. I don't know, Tinkerbell getting in a fight with another fairy and winning?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Update.

Well I had my appointment today. My doctor is not going to be in the office before my due date so I am going to start seeing the doctor that delivered Ayla. If I go clear to 40 weeks again this baby will be another 8 pound baby. How fun for me. She is so adorable though, and a wiggle worm. She wouldn't hold still long enough for the ultrasound tech to look at her heart. So the plan is just to wait until Lily decides it is time for her to come. It is just nice to how have a better idea of who will be delivering and what will be going on in the next three weeks.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Point

Ayla and I spent the day with some of Jordan's family at Thanksgiving Point today. It was such a beautiful day to go too. We went and enjoyed some yummy sandwiches at the deli and then Sandy and I took Ayla to their little Halloween thingy there. It had a lot of things for kids to do. She was jumping on this trampoline thing. They had one for little kids, which worked well. She thought she had to go on the big one with the big kids though. It freaked me out because I was just waiting for her to go flying and roll down the mat. She survived though. They had this pumpkin tree, but I didn't get a picture of it. It is made of wood and they have all these carved pumpkins on it. At night they turn the lights on inside them and they light up. They were pretty cool. She enjoyed the cow train ride through the pumpkin patch. When they came back I went to get her out and she put her hand up and said, "No out." She is so funny sometimes. She loved the many slides they had there too. She just kept running back to get in line to go down them. She looked like she was getting worn out, but amazingly she didn't fall asleep on the hour drive home. It was a pretty fun day and it was nice to spend it with my little sweetie while she was having a blast. Here are some pics. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just My Luck

So I had my doctor appointment today. I have 30 days left until this little one is due. I got a call last week that my doctor had an emergency and they needed to schedule me with another provider. So I go in to see the midwife today. The nurse started taking my blood pressure and then started asking me if they told me if I knew that my doctor would be out of the office for four weeks. What??? After he said he would make sure he would be around for this delivery this time. (He was out of town when I had Ayla.) I just happened to glance at my blood pressure and noticed it was rather high for me, 133/82. He apparently had a heart attack last year and he had gone into the hospital to have an angioplasty. He would be in the hospital and then recovering for awhile. Just my luck. When the midwife came in she brought the blood pressure machine with her. She said they were going to retake my blood pressure because it just wasn't normal for me. I told her it was probably cuz i was freaking out about the situation the very moment they were taking it. She laughed and said probably so. By the way, my blood pressure is great, 119/72, as expected. So I am kind of just in limbo as far as what will happen. He could possibly be back two weeks before I am due, but definitely the last week I am due. So I guess that is some good news. I went clear to 40 weeks with Ayla so they are pretty sure that I will make it to the end and be able to have my own doctor deliver Lily. It wouldn't be such a big deal, but I do not want another C-section and not every doctor will do a regular delivery after a C-section. Anyway, i was really hoping to get this little girl out at least a week early, but i guess i will have to keep her cooking for longer. Maybe it is a sign that I should change doctors.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boy Was I Wrong

So yesterday Jord and I went to his brother's play at Weber State. It was supposed to snow yesterday and and as we were driving there it was all sunny. I told Jord I just didn't think it was going to snow. Well during intermission I went to use the bathroom and there were huge snowflakes coming down. So I guess I was wrong. Of course we were clear up on the mountain side. It didn't stick, which it wasn't a surprise. Then this morning when I woke up at 5:30 I looked outside to see that it had snowed some. Wrong again. Finally, Ayla woke us up at 8:00 to find 5 inches of snow covering the ground. Let's just say I was COMPLETELY wrong when I said I didn't think it was going to snow. It started melting even though it continued to snow for about another 6 hours or so. Oh, and just a side note, WEBER BEAT MONTANA STATE!!!!! They are now nationally ranked 12. It is about time they finally have a decent team. It has been a long time coming.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holy crap, the Internet!

Hi everyone, this is Jordan. I know I'm using Jenn's user name and your first thought was "Sweet! Jenn just posted a new blog! I can go check out what's going on in her life." Well sorry to disappoint you but it's just me, Jordan. And I really don't have anything that interesting to say. I'm just taking up a lot of space and frankly I'm wasting your time. You'd think I'd be a bit more appolgetic about abusing the Internet but I'm sorry, I'm just not.

You're still reading? Didn't you see how I said I was just wasting time? Seriously, precious time. How much free time do you have in the day? Like 30 minutes, right? So are you sure you want to waste 2 minutes of that free time reading this? I mean, that's like 1/15 of your daily free time. You could be watching One Tree Hill (OTH is the official acronym I found out tonight by reading one of Heather's posts) or debating the issues facing our upcoming Presidential election.

Ok, since you're still reading I'll give you a nugget of valuable information... Jenn is freaking hot! Honestly, she is beautiful. I think Jenn is most beautiful when she's pregnant. It so amazing to see her at the peak of womanhood, cooking a baby in her stomach. And she's sitting next to me right now and she doesn't even know that I'm posting this. But seriously... H to the OT!

Also, just to get you up to speed... Jenn is now totally into the new 90210. She watched it tonight and I just know she's going to start DVR'ing them and watching them each week. Now instead of just watching House on Tuesdays it'll be House and 90210.

K. That's all I have. I'm really surprised you read all that. But that's cool that you did because you stuck around long enough to get the most valuable information of your year.... which is.... your lucky numbers: 24, 13, 2, 87, 45, 11

Sunday, October 5, 2008


So the past few days I have had a real hard time trying to keep my pants up. I dawned on me that it is probably because the baby is dropping. My pants just do not fit the way they used to. So I am hoping this baby comes at least a week early. That would be really nice. Hopefully I don't have this baby before Nellie does though. Or the worse, at the same time. Well I officially have 39 days to go and I cannot wait until Lily is here. It will be nice to have my body back and not have this dang hernia.