Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today is the 3rd year anniversary of Jordan's dad passing away.  It is so fitting that he passed away on this day.  He loved Mexican food and was always speaking Spanish to me.  He loved to tell jokes.  I am sure I heard some of his jokes 4-5 times, but I still laughed at them because he would always get a kick out of telling a joke.  He was a great guy.  I wish my kids would have got to meet him.  He passed away two weeks before our first kid was born.  We will never forget you.  We will all drink a Coke for you tonight.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  We love you and miss you.


The John Clarksons said...

I want to cry! Randy was such a great guy! Nice tribute.

Wilhelm -- est. 1974 said...

I'll never forget Randy - or that night. I was tending Julies kids. I'd already put the kids to bed and suddenly Hailey is crying, "Omi, we forgot to pray for Grandpa!" Brooklyn (who was about three years old) says, "Yeah, Grandpa has to go live with Jesus Christ." So, we prayed for Grandpa to go live with Jesus Christ. Not 10 minutes later Julie called and said he'd gone. I cried and cried - I'd just lost a very dear friend.

I know he watches over us though - he watches Julie dancing with Anneliese, he reminds Zach to take the kids fishing - yes, he's still fathering ...

it's me, andrea. said...

He was a great man. I loved listening to him tell stories and jokes.

My Grandpa died a couple weeks before my oldest brother was born. He was so excited to be a grandpa. My grandma told us for years and years that he left before any of us were born so he could have us to himself in heaven. It always made me smile.

I hope you guys are doing great!