Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

There are so many birthdays in both Jordan's and I's families in May.  Last Monday we had a get-together with Sara and Jimmy because they were not able to come to our party on Tuesday for Jordan and Ayla.  That night we made dinner and then had cake.  I decided I would put ever last candle on that cake.  It is also Jimmy's birthday on the 30th so we celebrated it as well.  In all there were 59 candles on the cake.  As the picture was being taken, Lily decided she would grab a glass off the table and completely shatter it.  It was such a mess to clean up.  

Then on Tuesday we had a party with Jordan's family for him and Ayla.  Ayla said she wanted a dragonfly cake so i did my best.  We just had a bbq and hung out with the family.  And of course we had some peach pie for Jordan.  That his the one thing he has to have on his birthday is homemade peach pie.  

This past Memorial Day weekend we went to Idaho.  We generally go camping, but we ended up just hanging out with mom and dad and the fam.  It was really fun.  We had another birthday party on Saturday for Jordan, Ayla, Nellie, and Conner.  So many birthdays.  We played games and ate more food.  Ayla wanted a car cake for this party and it had to be blue.  

Today is Jord's birthday so we went to Tony's Pizza in Ogden. It is his favorite pizza place, mostly because of the dressing they put on their salads. We even had to buy a bottle to bring home. Then his mother made him another peach pie so we went over there to eat some. Apparently, you can never have too much peach pie.

Anyway, just wanted to say happy birthday to my fam, especially my awesome husband and adorable daughter.  Only one more year Jord.  Enjoy it!!!


Heather Freestone said...

good job on ayla's cake . . . looks great!!!!