Friday, January 23, 2009

So I have been trying to give Ayla some more space to do what she wants without me looking over her shoulder all the time.  She is only 2, but I feel like I am constantly telling her not to do things.  Well the past couple of days I have found her doing things and wonder if maybe I gave her a little too much space.  I was busy one morning and so I gave the girls to Jord to take care of.  He ended up dozing off in bed with Lily while Ayla played in our bedroom.  I went in to see what they were all doing and found that Ayla had decided that Cleveland needed some lotion.  A lot of it.  Unfortunately I did not get a pic of it.  I just didn't want a dog caked in lotion running through the house if you know what I mean.  Then the next day she was in the bathroom playing around.  She likes to get into my makeup and Jord has specifically told her that makeup is for mommy, not Ayla.  So when i asked her what she was doing she told me "nuffin", which is her way of saying nothing.  Too cute.  Then she told me she was not in the makeup because makeup is for mommy.  At least she is learning.  So i decided to go in and see what she was up to.  She was doing her hair.  She had caked a whole bunch of gel on the top of her head.  That i did get a picture of.  Although i don't think the pic does it justice.  I was a total mess.  So then later that day i found her in my bedroom.  I should realize by now that if she is in my room it always means trouble.  Especially if she forces the dogs to go in and then closes the door.  Well this time it was Daisy who got the lotion bath.  You got to love toddlers.  As much stress as she is I wouldn't trade her for the world.  She is my little sweatheart.


Keeley said...

that is so hilarious!! Andrew and I were rolling on the floor! :)

Nyle Jene said...

I would love to hav e seen pic's of the dog's :)