Saturday, January 31, 2009

Celebrating 7 Years Of Awesome

Hey everyone,
This is Jordan. I'm laying next to my beautiful bride right now as we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. Actually, our anniversary isn't until February 9th, but due to schedule conflicts we're celebrating early.

We're currently chilling at the Red Lion Hotel in Idaho Falls over looking the Idaho Falls Temple and the river. That was where we were married seven years ago. It's beautiful to look out and see the temple glowing on a cold January evening, while tucked away warm with my wife.

We were just looking over the blog at our beautiful children and reminiscing over how much Ayla has grown up over the past 9 months that Jenn has been posting this blog. And how fast Lily grew those mountainous cheeks of hers in just under 3 months. Time goes by so fast. It's unreal to think I've been married to Jenn for this long. And in the grand scheme of things this is just a blip on the radar. She's an amazing person and a wonderful mate. I'm so lucky to have her in my life and to love me.

Plus she's smoking hot. Seriously.


The John Clarksons said...

Serious? You guys have been married 7 years? That's awesome! Wasn't it just yesterday we were all working at Subway? Congrats!

Nyle Jene said...

Jordan, you are so funny!!! Thanks for letting me watch the girls while you enjoyed a much needed mini vacation. And yes!!! Jennifer is great.

Taunya said...

LOVE this post! You two are a perfect couple. We've always loved you, Jordan, and are thankful that you make Jenn so happy. Congrats on 7 happy years together! Love and miss you guys!

Rochelle said...

Happy Anniversary! Great blog! I love it!