Monday, September 1, 2008

My Past Week.

Last weekend Jord decided that he wanted to go on a mini vacation before Lily came. He pretty much is booked with shows and military drill every weekend until November. So we decided to go to LAva. Unfortunately the cheapest place to stay was like $80 and you didn't even get your own bathroom or tv. So we ended up getting a hotel in Pocatello. Jord came home Friday night from work and decided we should just leave that night and go to mom's and dad's for the night. Unfortunately still had work to do before we left so we didn't even leave until 9:00. We were planning on going to the Pocatello Zoo, but mom said she heard it was a crappy zoo and we should go to Tautphaus instead. So we went to the zoo there and then did the rides afterwards. Ayla really enjoyed the airplane rides and the octopus. I couldn't really get a good pic of her on the octopus because everytime they were in front of me they were backwards. AFter that we went to POcatello and got to the hotel and relaxed for a bit. Then we swam in the coldest swimming pool i have ever been in. The next day we went to Lava and swam there for a couple of hours. We wanted to get pizza there, but nothing was open. So we ended up going to Pocatello and eating. It was really nice just to be together as a fam and just relaxing and enjoying time together.

This Wednesday Ayla and i went swimming with our friends Taylor and Lindsey over at my brother-in-law's house. Ayla has really learned to love the water from swimming there. She even jumps off the diving board all by herself and swims the length of the pool with arm floaties. Unfortunately it turned out to be a bad day. We were taking them down the slide and doing okay. They had got done with the slide and were just swimming around for awhile. Then Taylor decided she wanted to go on the slide again. So Lindsey put her on the slide. She was ready to go down and Lindsey was going around to the end to make sure she went down okay. All of a sudden Taylor came falling backwards eight feet down the steps of the slide. She ended up landing on her head. We had to call 911 and she went to the hospital. She had lost concisousness for a minute. She ended up having a fractured skull on the top of her head. She is doing okay, but it sure makes you realize anything can happen to your kids at any time. I have definitely been loving on Ayla a lot more than usual since then.

I had my doctor's appointment this Wednesday also. Everything was great, except for i have a femoral hernia. I have had this lump in my groin area and some excrutiating pain in my leg for at least two months now. Apparently, it is supposed to go away after i deliver and i will just have to deal with the pain until then. Tylenol just isn't doing the job. So other than that, only 10-1/2 weeks to go. Yipee!!!

Well Ayla woke up Thursday at midnight with a sore ear. I was afraid it was an ear infection. Of course Jordan had left for Cedar City for a couple of shows that night and wouldn't be back until late Saturday night. The whole next day it was so sore you couldn't even touch it. Luckily for me, mom and dad were stopping in for the night. They always seem to be here just when i really need them. She didn 't sleep very well Friday night. She kept waking up almost every hour and then Saturday early at about 3:30 a.m. she finally fell asleep and stayed asleep for the night. Her eardrum had ruptured and started to drain. I drained the next day and i thought it was going to be okay, but it still stunk pretty bad. So we went and visted her doctor today and found out the eardrum is still pretty nasty. We got some antibiotics and ear drops and hopefully all will be well. He said he would just need to check on it in 3-4 weeks. It was then that i remember we would be flying in two weeks. He said that if it had healed up it might give her problems, but if not she would be fine. So what do you hope for, a long recovery so she is okay on the plane or a short one so that she gets better sooner.


Heather Jene said...

Holy crap Jenn have some drama...:) Ayla is soo cute with your glasses on. Did you enjoy OTH???? I will see you in 2 weeks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back to blogging
Love ya, Mom

Jill C said...

It sounds like you have been busy lately. You need to come stop by my Mom's on a Sunday so that we can see you guys!