Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm back for the second time this month!

So this week has kind of sucked. Ayla and I got back from South Carolina on Monday. Yes I still have not put pics up yet. Maybe one of these days. Anyway, so while we were gone Jordan had absolutely nothing to do. Then the week we get back he has four shows. Somehow I have been handling it. He actually had a show in Park City last night that was really good for him. The booker really liked them and wanted them to come back for Sundance to possibly open up for Cake, a band that he and I like. So I am glad for him that some shows work out good for him. I just really missed seeing him this past week. He was on Park City Television for one of their art programs and on Thursday. I got back from volleyball and Ayla and I watched it. She was so excited to see her Daddy on the t.v. She didn't quite understand the concept though because she kept saying "Daddy talk." She even started crying when he wouldn't talk back to her. She is so funny. She really misses her dad when he has his busy weeks. Well maybe I will post pics from the trip in the next day or two. At least the ones that my sister's have not put up already.


Blais said...

Oh, that is so sad that she started crying. She is too stinking cute!