Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weekend Fun?

Well this Saturday we went and got Ayla's birthday gift. We decided to go for a smaller swing and then a picnic table. It was only suppose to take us 2 hours to put together. No prob. So we thought anyway. We start putting the legs on and find that the screws are just barely long enough to fit through the holes. We end up have to use a huge wrench to clamp the metal together to get the screws through and the nuts on. Then we find out, because the instructions were as basic as can be, that one of the legs had to be turned a certain direction to get the teeter-totter on. So we had to take the legs apart and start over. Next was the slide. We start putting it together and the holes don't line up. We ended up just drilling new holes through the slide to make it work. The whole time I kept thinking, "Why in the heck does the slide sit so close to the swingset?" Well when we had it all put together it dawned on me. The slide was suppose to face the other direction. I guess that will just be fixed another day. So after 5 wonderful hours of putting a swingset together, we still have more work to do on it. You would think with the instructions that it came from China or something, but no, it came from Tennessee. I guess that could be a problem too, since I hear they have there own language there anyway. I have posted some pics of the swingset and Ayla completely enjoying it. I hope the next swingset won't be such a pain to put together.


Blais said...

Oh my gosh, she looks so darn cute!!! I cannot believe how much she has grown even in the last 9 months when I last saw her. . .WOW

Anonymous said...

she is so cute!!! her hair is getting so long. I cna't wait to see here next week.
Love ya, Mom