Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Catching Up.

Apparently I need to get blogging some more according to my sister. So here is an update of things I have wanted to put up, but have not had the time.

This is Ayla's friend, Taylor, that I watch every other Friday. They were born only two days appart from each other. It has been really good to have someone over for Ayla to learn to share and be nice too. It looks like they are fighting in the picture, but Ayla is just laughing at Taylor. Anyway, they have become quite the friends. They even look for each other in sacrament. It is pretty cute.

We had some pretty bad wind last Monday night. I had told Jord that he should not park under the basketball hoop because the pole wasn't looking very good. Well he didn't really listen to me. Luckily for him i woke up Tuesday morning to find that the basketball hoop hand been blown over, but it didn't fall completely. I took the picture after I told him to move the car of course. I ended up getting him a new one for an early father's day gift. Hopefully we can get it up this week.

We went camping for Memorial Day weekend. It wasn't too bad. It rained the first couple of days off and on. Sunday was awesome. Ayla's three favorite things were the seesaw, grandpa putting her up in the tree, and Hemi's kennel. She was such a little monkey. She didn't even want to come down out of the tree. Then when Conner saw Ayla in the kennel he thought it would be fun if they were both in there with Hemi locked in. I can't believe they all fit in there, but they had fun. At least the kids did. I can't really speak for Hemi. Jordan and Jimmy spent way too much time trying to recreate a Little House on the Prarie seen with the dogs. Hey, whatever makes them happy. We did the usual, like playing games and just hanging out. We even celebrated Jordan and Ayla's birthdays. Jordan's just happened to land right on Memorial Day this year. We sang happy birthday and then ate some cake. Overall it was a much needed relaxing weekend. Although, I have to admit the whole time I was just thinking about the five hours of work I had sitting at home waiting for me. At least I could just relax knowing there was no way I could do it while camping. I just can't wait until the next camping trip. I have some more pics from the trip that I will have to email to you all.


Anonymous said...

cute pix's...we really did have fun.
Love ya, Mom