Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Potty Training.

So I finally decided to start potty training Ayla. It all started when she saw a Chevron commercial with a pink car talking. She said she wanted a pink car and I told her we would get one the next day if she went potty in the toilet. The next day she went potty and so we went and luckily found a pink polly pocket car. She loves cars so we went and bought some Hot wheels to hopefully bribe her into going to the bathroom. So far it is working. She even pooped the other day. She is so cute when she goes. She jumps up with her hands in the air and yells "I did it!" I have noticed if i put a pull-up on her she will undoubtedly pee in them. So when we are home i have been letting her go naked and she holds it in until i put her on the toilet. She is doing way awesome. So today we are out of cars and while we are at the store i think i am going to get some underwear for her and see if she adjusts to them easily. I suspect she will probably have accidents, but am hoping that it won't take long for her to realize they aren't the same as diapers and being wet isn't really all that fun. Wish me good luck. Here is a pic of her cars so far. She loves to drive them everywhere. She has them parked on her bed in this pic.


Anonymous said...

Her and Hunter will have to get together with all of their cars and play.....oh fun :)
Love ya, Mom

Heather Freestone said...

Hey Jenn
Good to hear from you. It's good to hear birth experiences that aren't terrifying . . .seems like people always like to tell me their bad experiences. Congratulations on your soon to be new addition. Your little girl is extremely cute. She definitly looks like an Andrews. I'm excited about our new baby, but still a little nervous. I'll keep updates about her on my blog. . and I'll add pictures as soon as she is here.

Taunya said...

Way to go Ayla! You are just growing up way to fast! I cant believe she is potty training already! Sounds like she is doing really well with it.